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About Us

Our Vision

CONTINUA Kids aims to achieve an equal status for all children in society irrespective of their differences

Mission Statement

CONTINUA Kids will ensure that children with uniquely-abled needs are not hindered from achieving their full potential and get every opportunity to learn and grow, and live a meaningful and satisfied life. We as a team wish to achieve this by providing our unique children with a loving, empathetic and homely learning environment, by empowering their parents through guidance and support in their journey of parenting, and last but not the least, by spreading awareness in society and creating an environment of acceptance, love and equal rights for all.

Core Values
  • Continua loves Children: All children are loved, valued and respected at Continua kids irrespective of their ability and disability.
  • Continua Values Families: Continua kids strive to empower and support families as they raise a child with unique needs.
  • Continua empowers Employees: Continua strives to develop a proficient, competent and dedicated workforce to provide an environment which fosters productivity, mutual respect, and personal fulfillment for staff and volunteers.
  • Continua enlightens Community: Continua Kids is constantly working towards spreading awareness in the community and is eager to collaborate with other organizations to widen their impact.
  • Continua preserves Reputation: Continua staff are recognized for their expertise and knowledge in providing a variety of services and support to families of children with unique needs.
  • Continua respects Donors: Continua understands donors are essential contributors in creating equal access for all children and united we can change the world – one child, one family, one community and whole world.
  • Continua is a visionary: Continua demonstrates progressive thinking, courageous and dynamic decision making dedicated to achieve excellence. Continua wishes to reform and evolve the environment for fiscal stability, organizational health and long term success.
  • Amit Goel
    Co - Founder

    Amit Goel, an entrepreneur for six years and philanthropist, has joined Continua Kids with social cause at his heart. With an aim to help the uniquely-abled children, Amit’s contribution to this endeavor is an extension of his mission of bringing about a change in the healthcare industry. 
    Amit started his entrepreneurial journey with his first start-up in 2010. He launched KNAM Marketing Pvt. Ltd. And the rest is history. The venture has witnessed a sprawling growth of 800% in just six years. With an extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, imports and logistics management, Amit launched the Just Relief wellness Pvt. Ltd. in 2015, and took this idea online in May 2016 with the launch of justrelief.com. Amit is all set to create new standards in preventive healthcare by adopting newer technologies in the coming future.

    Amit Goel, an entrepreneur for six years and philanthropist, has joined Conti...

  • Dr Himani Narula Khanna
    Developmental Behavioural Paediatrician

    Dr Himani is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician with extensive experience in well and sick care of paediatric patients from newborn to 16+.She is passionate about my work and have the quality to be able to relate to wide range of patients, parents and staff. She is a self motivated with genuine love of kids and desire to improve health and well-being of every child. She believe that partnering with parents and other professionals can help promote successful, resilient kids and an inclusive attitudes in schools and communities which can benefit us all. 

    While working for children with special care needs and their families she has experienced that our society and community is not equipped to manage these children and support them and their families which has motivated me to take a step forward by providing guidance and help to our uniquely-abled children and their families through multiple center providing coordinated services and reduce disability by focusing on a child’s strengths and building self-esteem through inclusiveness. Her dream is to have a community which respects equal rights and legitimate Laws to support our special children and their families.

    Certification and Licence .

    Preventive care expert.

    NRP ( Neonatal resuscitation Programme) Instructor.

    Dr Himani is a HMC ( Haryana Medical Council) registered medical Practitioner.

    Expertise :

    1. Preventive care expert.

    2. Developmental supportive care for all babies.

    3. Developmental follow ups and early stimulation of Preterm and high risk newborns.

    4. Behavior problems in early childhood, such as tantrums and oppositional behaviors.

    5. Evaluation of children with developmental delays.

    6. Expert in detail evaluation of ADHD ,Autism spectrum disorders.

    7. Developmental aspects of genetic disorders like Down’s Syndrome.

    8. Learning Disabilities

    9. Eating disorders.


    Affiliations :

    Member Indian Academy Of Paediatrics

    BFNI ( Breast feeding network of India).


    Antenatal workshops focussing on Parental preparedness.

    Parents workshops

    Teacher Workshops in early identification of developmental delays

    Adolescent Counselling and interactions in schools.

    Anti bullying workshops.

    Community based research.

    Autism awareness in community.

    Workshops for parents of children with Down syndrome.

    Writings blogs and articles in magazine to spread awareness.

    Dr Himani is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician with extensive ...

  • Dr Puja Grover Kapoor
    Paediatric Neurologist

    Dr Puja is Paediatric Neurologist with extensive experience in evaluating, diagnosing and treating various paediatric neurological disorders from newborn to 16 years of age. Her endeavour is to provide optimum care and health to children to develop to their fullest potential. Her vision is to enhance the quality of life of children suffering from neurological diseases.

    Certification and Licence .

    Dr Puja has completed her post graduation in paediatrics from Choithram Hospital, Indore .Thereafter, she pursued her fellowship in paediatric neurology from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai and Wadia Children Hospital, Mumbai. 
    She did an electrophysiology course from Case Western University ,Cleveland,U.S.A. Dr Puja is an HMC (Haryana Medical Council) registered medical practioner.Presently she is a consultant at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, Haryana


    Expertise :

    1. Cerebral Palsy.

    2. Epilepsy.

    3. Headache.

    4. Behavioural disorders (Autism, ADHD).

    5. Nerve and Muscle disorder.

    6. Neurometabolic disorders

    7. Neurodegenerative disorder.

    8. Syndromic disorders

    9. Stroke.

    Affiliations :

    Lifetime Member of Indian Academy of Paediatrics

    Expert Panellist “Baby Chakra”

    Khushboo Welfare Society, Gurgaon

    Urja Welfare Trust, Indore

    Future Plans:

    To spread awareness in the society about the various preventable neurological disease by the active timely intervention of the parents.

    To educate the parents and teachers about the importance of early intervention in behavioural disorders so that the children are treated in the “golden period “of life.

    To create a niche in the world for the uniquely abled children.

    Dr Puja is Paediatric Neurologist with extensive experience in evaluating, di...