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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA):

There are a whole range of behavioral and educational interventions available for treatment of children with Autism spectrum disorders and ABA is one of them. Applied behavior analysis is a self explanatory word. ‘Behavior’ here means the actions and skills one can perform and ‘behavior analysis’ means a scientifically validated approach to understand behavior and how our environment is affecting it. ‘Environment’ here includes physical or social influences that might change or be changed by one’s behavior.

ABA is a scientifically proven technique to bring about changes in the behavior like reducing the unwanted and reinforcing the desired behavior. These techniques can be used in a classroom setup or at home.

ABA sessions can be individualized sessions like one therapist and one child or as a group therapy.

Numerous research done in past have demonstrated that  ABA can produce  improvement in communication, social relationships, self care, and school readiness.

The ABA team at CONTINUA Kids is lead by a BCBA / BCaBA certified person. Following are the steps involved in ABA intervention :