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CONTINUA Kids (Centre of Neurotherapy In Uniquely-Abled Kids) is a research directed, holistic centre, imparting medically supervised therapies, early intervention programs, and support for uniquely abled children. The centre is unique in its own way as it provides all the scientifically proven, individualized therapies which are required for special children under one roof.

CONTINUA Kids (Centre of Neurotherapy In Uniquely-Abled Kids) is a research directed, holistic centre, imparting medically supervised therapies, early intervention programs, and support for uniquely abled children. The centre is unique in its own way as it provides all the scientifically proven, individualized therapies which are required for special children under one roof.

Our Vision

CONTINUA Kids aims to achieve an equal status for all children in society irrespective of their differences.

Mission Statement

CONTINUA Kids will ensure that children with uniquely-abled needs are not hindered from achieving their full potential and get every opportunity to learn and grow, and live a meaningful and satisfied life. We as a team wish to achieve this by providing our unique children with a loving, empathetic and homely learning environment, by empowering their parents through guidance and support in their journey of parenting, and last but not the least, by spreading awareness in society and creating an environment of acceptance, love and equal rights for all.



Co – Founder

Amit Goel, an entrepreneur for six years and philanthropist, has joined Continua Kids with social cause at his heart. With an aim to help the uniquely-abled children, Amit’s contribution to this endeavor is an extension of his mission of bringing about a change in the healthcare industry. 
Amit started his entrepreneurial journey with his first start-up in 2010. He launched KNAM Marketing Pvt. Ltd. And the rest is history. The venture has witnessed a sprawling growth of 800% in just six years. With an extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, imports and logistics management, Amit launched the Just Relief wellness Pvt. Ltd. in 2015, and took this idea online in May 2016 with the launch of Amit is all set to create new standards in preventive healthcare by adopting newer technologies in the coming future.



Dr Himani is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician with extensive experience in well and sick care of paediatric patients from newborn to 16+.She is passionate about my work and have the quality to be able to relate to wide range of patients, parents and staff. She is a self motivated with genuine love of kids and desire to improve health and well-being of every child. She believe that partnering with parents and other professionals can help promote successful, resilient kids and an inclusive attitudes in schools and communities which can benefit us all. 

While working for children with special care needs and their families she has experienced that our society and community is not equipped to manage these children and support them and their families which has motivated me to take a step forward by providing guidance and help to our uniquely-abled children and their families through multiple center providing coordinated services and reduce disability by focusing on a child’s strengths and building self-esteem through inclusiveness. Her dream is to have a community which respects equal rights and legitimate Laws to support our special children and their families.

Certification and Licence .

Preventive care expert.

NRP ( Neonatal resuscitation Programme) Instructor.

Dr Himani is a HMC ( Haryana Medical Council) registered medical Practitioner.

Expertise :

1. Preventive care expert.

2. Developmental supportive care for all babies.

3. Developmental follow ups and early stimulation of Preterm and high risk newborns.

4. Behavior problems in early childhood, such as tantrums and oppositional behaviors.

5. Evaluation of children with developmental delays.

6. Expert in detail evaluation of ADHD ,Autism spectrum disorders.

7. Developmental aspects of genetic disorders like Down’s Syndrome.

8. Learning Disabilities

9. Eating disorders.


Affiliations :

Member Indian Academy Of Paediatrics

BFNI ( Breast feeding network of India).


Antenatal workshops focussing on Parental preparedness.

Parents workshops

Teacher Workshops in early identification of developmental delays

Adolescent Counselling and interactions in schools.

Anti bullying workshops.

Community based research.

Autism awareness in community.

Workshops for parents of children with Down syndrome.

Writings blogs and articles in magazine to spread awareness.



Dr Puja is Paediatric Neurologist with extensive experience in evaluating, diagnosing and treating various paediatric neurological disorders from newborn to 16 years of age. Her endeavour is to provide optimum care and health to children to develop to their fullest potential. Her vision is to enhance the quality of life of children suffering from neurological diseases.

Certification and Licence .

Dr Puja has completed her post graduation in paediatrics from Choithram Hospital, Indore .Thereafter, she pursued her fellowship in paediatric neurology from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai and Wadia Children Hospital, Mumbai. 
She did an electrophysiology course from Case Western University ,Cleveland,U.S.A. Dr Puja is an HMC (Haryana Medical Council) registered medical practioner.Presently she is a consultant at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, Haryana


Expertise :

1. Cerebral Palsy.

2. Epilepsy.

3. Headache.

4. Behavioural disorders (Autism, ADHD).

5. Nerve and Muscle disorder.

6. Neurometabolic disorders

7. Neurodegenerative disorder.

8. Syndromic disorders

9. Stroke.

Affiliations :

Lifetime Member of Indian Academy of Paediatrics

Expert Panellist “Baby Chakra”

Khushboo Welfare Society, Gurgaon

Urja Welfare Trust, Indore

Future Plans:

To spread awareness in the society about the various preventable neurological disease by the active timely intervention of the parents.

To educate the parents and teachers about the importance of early intervention in behavioural disorders so that the children are treated in the “golden period “of life.

To create a niche in the world for the uniquely abled children.

Our Partners

We joint hands with our partners to provide world class therapy sessions by well qualified therapists.

Early diagnosis and early intervention are extremely important for children with disabilities. Early intervention services are a range of targeted services to help young children who have developmental delays or specific health conditions

As the child walks in, the child is evaluated by the Pediatric Neurologist or Developmental Pediatrician who plans the course of management depending on the status, needs, and capabilities of a child. This child then goes through a set of assessments by a psychologist, results of which are used for defining the treatment plan. Once it is decided that what set of therapies the child needs, a detailed evaluation is conducted by the respective therapist to further dissect the problem and form a therapy plan focusing on the needs of that child. Thus at CONTINUA, we follow a multidisciplinary approach with the multitude of experts in their respective fields including psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, music therapist, yoga therapist, aquatic therapist, etc to formulate the interventions needed for the child.

The individualised plan is executed in a scientific manner under the supervision of these experts. The treatment plan & progress of the child is communicated to the parents from time to time and home programs are given to empower the parents. The re-evaluation is done every 3 monthly, and progress of the child is recorded and discussed with the parents.


•  Evaluation by Pediatric Neurologist or Development Pediatrician

•  Evaluation by respective therapists to finalise therapy plan

•  Execution of plan under supervision of experts

•  Assessment by psychologist (for exact diagnosis)


The revaluation is done every 3 monthly and progress of the child is recorded and communicated to the parents.

Psychologist: For detailed psycho-educational evaluation.

Occupational therapy : Conducted by a team of certified occupational therapists.

Physiotherapy : Conducted by a team of certified physiotherapists.

Speech and Audiology services : Conducted by a team of certified speech therapists.

Special Education: Remedial education for children with learning disability by qualified special educator in remedial education.       

Music Therapy : Delivered by London Music Therapy Trust.

ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapy: Monitored by BMI (Behavior Momentum of   India), the pioneer in ABA in India.

Aquatic Therapy: Delivered by certified aquatic therapist in a temperature regulated swimming pool.

Yoga therapy: Conducted by certified yoga instructor.

Art Therapy: Given by certified art therapist.

EEG/VEP/BERA : Part of diagnostic facilities available at CONTINUA Kids.


All these unique therapies are integrated with the intervention programme according to the child’s interest and abilities, to help nurture their unique abilities which go unnoticed due to their atypical neuro behaviour.


CONTINUA Kids is a child developmental centre where children get the chance to grow, learn and experience the world with new meaning. We provide some unique therapies for the little wonders which include music, aquatic, art, yoga, and sports under one roof. These therapies are introduced first time in India by CONTINUA Kids under one roof, conducted by certified specialists in their fields and monitored by doctors. When these therapies are combined together with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and ABA therapy children benefit physically, emotionally and get better equipped to interact socially.


Counseling on proper nutrition, rest, and exercise are given which help children grow better.  Every kid is special and we invest ample care to bring them out of the anguish and help them cope with it in a better way. Parents and children both get counseled by our experts, so that there is no communication gap.


The therapies are imparted under the guidance of specialists, keeping child safety in mind. CONTINUA Kids makes sure that the child learns and grows in a safe and happy environment.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which interferes with social, behavioral and communication patterns of a child. People with autism are either uniquely gifted or find it difficult to learn, think and solve problems. They are unique in their ways to communicate, interact, behave and learn things, as compared to ordinary people. Sometimes, people with ASD need assistance to carry out daily tasks; others may not need it at all.

ASD commonly includes conditions such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD).

Jan 2018

We celebrated our collaboration with Rainbow Children Hospital Malviya Nagar, Delhi.

Nov 2017

We elaborated our existence by associating with  Ananth Centre for Learning & Development, Qutab Institutional Area Delhi.

Oct 2017

We joint hands with Listening Ears (A Starkey Education Initiative) to provide world class speech therapy sessions by well qualified speech therapists.

Jul 2017

We collaborated with Mom’s Belief to provide therapeutic interventions for distant patients.

Jan 2017

We associated with different preschools to provide therapeutic interventions at an early stage.

Mar 2017

We collaborated with London Music Therapy Trust, based at London, to provide music therapy to uniquely abled kids.

Feb 2017

We joint hand with Behavior Momentum India, to provide ABA therapy to uniquely abled kids.

Feb 2017

The formal opening of the organisation was done by “Accessible India” campaign’s brand ambassador, Mr. Vivek Oberoi.

Dec 216

On the 2nd December 2016, we formulated an organization called CONTINUA KIDS. It stands for Centre Of Neurotherapy In Uniquely Abled Kids.

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