After acceptance of Autism: The first 100 days

After acceptance of Autism: The first 100 days

BLOG BY Dr. Puja Kapoor,director & co-founder CONTINUA Kids, Consultant pediatric neurologist,

After the parents have accepted the diagnosis of autism, verified by a pediatric neurologist and clinical psychologist the next step is to develop coherent strategic plan to bring ultimate changes in the child.

Step 1 .
Choose a therapy centre with
1. A multidisciplinary approach,

2. Having all the specialist under one roof ( including occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, ABA therapist, special educator, as the plan needs to be discussed and changed depending on the progress/ clinical features of the child)

3. Good credentials of doctors
4. Which provides home plan too, for you to work upon on your own.
5. Who gives you the scientific basis of the approach to your child.

Step 2.
Have patience. You will not get results in 2 days. Generally it takes 2 to 5 sessions for the child to get use to the therapist.After all he is a child and his concerns are genuine!!

Step 3.
Switch off the television and keep distance from your mobile. Spend maximum time with your child without any distractions.
Screen time is proven to cause delay in speech and language development.

Step 4.
Avoid food with preservatives or high content of sugar. Try to give home made nutritious food.( Toxins and air pollutants are suspected causes of autism, so better to avoid them)

Step 5.
It is better to ask for support from family and friends.
India’s rich cultural and ethical values helps in providing support from family and friends.

Kindly reap the benefit.

Step 6.
If you looking for school, find a school which have an inclusive setup. Don’t shy away from filling the special need form, if your child needs it.
Just to satisfy your ego,don’t leave your child in a world which does not know how to nurture his talent.

50% to 70% of autistic children do not have any intellectual disability. It is our problem that we still don’t know how to harness their talent.
Till the world become intellectually smart for your child, support and fight for your child.