Discussion on early identification of Autism.

 Dr. Puja Kapoor,director & co-founder CONTINUA Kids, Consultant pediatric neurologistwas invited at the annual meet of special educators, Delhi, for discussion on early identification of AUTISM.  The knowledge and interest at the government sector about this subject is appreciable and need an applause.  Still a lot need to be done at all levels. 

She discussed the red flags of autism, how to diagnose the neurodevelopmental disorder, and the treatment modalities at the event.

Many a times, autism is confused with expressive speech delay. As speech delay is the only presenting symptom which is very conspicuous and other symptoms like inconsistent eye contact, pointing towards object, not responding to name, not following simple commands, various visual, auditory, vestibular stereotypes are mistaken as a normal part of temper tantrum or behaviour.

As there is normal gross and fine motor milestones, normal physical appearance, mostly normal intelligence, other symptoms are camouflaged under hyperactivity, causing a false sense of normalcy.

Various videos were shown and differentiation between a neurotypical child and neuroatypical child was explained.

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