Blog by Dr. Puja Kapoor, On World Autism Day.

An Ode to Autism

I like blue colour.

The colour which signifies WATER, which stands for
contentment, gratification, relishment , delight.

I like blue colour.

The colour which signifies SKY, which stands for
opportunity, freedom, hope, space, liberation.

I like blue colour.

The colour which signifies
AUTISM, which stands for or signifies  LIFE,  a
living mortal, a creature with same vigour, liveliness, enthusiasm as another
creature who is without this tag.

 Leo Kanner, a
psychiatrist, in 1943, introduced the word AUTISM which is derived from the
Greek word “autos” means self. Over the last 80 years since its inception till
date, various definitions and criteria for diagnosis based on the
symptomatology have changed. We are able to recognise and categorise the
disorder at a very early age now. But the sad thing is that, we still cannot
conclusively point out  any causative
agent. We still speculate that it is a multifactorial disorder with no definite
causative agent. We still hypothesize the various treatment plans based on the

Whatever, whenever, however, we tag a live human being with
this disorder, to synchronise our data, to help them enroll for early
intervention, to make them something like us, do remember this tag is not their
identity. It is not a reason to
delineate them from their peer age group.

Today, 2nd of April is celebrated as World Autism
Day, to create awareness about this disorder in general public . We should  make sure that this awareness should not give
way to outline the difference. We should make sure that our knowledge about
autism should make us more considerate towards their needs and requirements. We
should make sure that this cognizance should lead towards a more inclusive
society with acceptance of them as they are.

We are far from this dream of ours. Yes ,this is the stark

But, yes but , we will continue our journey towards our
goals with the heip of the parent group, with the support group, with all who
believe in the above belief.

 By Dr. Puja Kapoor                                                                                 Director & Co-Founder                                                                           CONTINUA Kids

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep….      And Miles To Go Before I Sleep.

                                     -Robert Frost