Colleges in Bengaluru gear up for semester exams post lockdown

Bengaluru: The universities and colleges are gearing up for the upcoming exams, planning to conduct them once the country-wide lockdown is lifted. With regards to the Bangalore Central University (BCU) exams, LISAA School of Design is continuing with its classes online using Google Meet.

Avi Keswani, Founder & Director, LISAA School of Design hopes that the universities expedite the correction process to be able to make the results and marksheets ready for students.

\”For the final year students, speeding up the process of exams and issuing their degree should be done without delay to reduce the impact of the lockdown,” Keswani said.

“We have started the online classes hoping the other colleges would also follow suit. BCU can send instructions along the lines of online classes making them mandatory so everyone is streamlined to appear for exams during the usual weeks of April-May,\” Keswani added.

LISAA School of Design is one of the first institutes in Bangalore to have started giving the course online. The institute records the classes and uploads them on Google drive. This helps students if in case any of them misses the class.

\”At this point our goal is to ensure that the students\’ academic year does not get wasted and that we are able to impart the learning outcomes we set out for at the onset of this semester.\” he  said.

Therapy sessions also go online

With the lockdown the therapy sessions of children with special needs have also been impacted but the doctors have made themselves online so that the sessions can continue unhindered.

Audio and video support by the trained therapists is provided to the parents who are executing the home programmes.

Dr Himani Khanna, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician & Co- Founder at Continua kids says, “Parents are provided with home based intervention plans by our therapist to have a continuity of intervention at home. Parent education about the necessary steps for prevention is also shared from time to time. Closing down the non-emergency services is practiced to support the government measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus.”