What to Do ?

1) Stand Facing your child and say, “watch what i do and then copy me”.
2) Raise your hand straight over your head and bring it out to your side and down to your thigh in a great semicircle. Say , “Now, you do it”.
3) Say, “Here comes another move. Watch.” Balance on one foot and wiggle your other foot.
4) Continue moving your arms, legs and head in various ways for him to imitate .
5) Now let him lead and you be the copy cat .

Helps Your Child Develop and Enhance……

  • Body awareness
  • Motor planning
  • Visual Processing

Ways to make it more Challenging :

Have your child mirror your movements simultaneously , rather than waiting to start until you’ve finished a move
Play Copy can’t , by having him to do the opposite of your move .

What to look For :

Your child’s movements match your accurately
He initiates novel movements when he is the leader .

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