Dr. Himani Narula Khanna

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician


Dr. Himani Narula Khanna
Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician
Director and Co-founder Continua Kids

I am a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician with extensive experience in pediatric patients from newborn to 16+.

I am passionate about my work and have the quality to be able to relate to wide range of patients, parents and staff. I am self motivated with genuine love of kids and desire to improve health and wellbeing of every child. I believe that partnering with parents and other professionals can help promote successful, resilient kids and an inclusive attitudes in schools and communities which can benefit us all.

Certification and Liscence .

  • I have completed my post graduation in pediatrics from (MGIMS Sewagram) and have additional subspecialty training in developmental-behavioral pediatrics ( from CDC ,Trivandrum) .
  • MKU (Mission Kishore Uday) Trainer. An adolescent suicide prevention program by Indian Accademy of Pediatrics
  • Registered as a medical professional with
  • Delhi medical council and
  • Haryana Medical Council

Expertise :

  1. Preventive care expert.
  2. Developmental supportive care for all babies.
  3. Developmental follow ups and early stimulation of Preterm and high risk newborns.
  4. Behavior problems in early childhood, such as tantrums and oppositional behaviors.
  5. Evaluation of children with developmental delays .
  6. Expert in detail evaluation of ADHD ,Autism spectrum disorders.
  7. Developmental aspects of genetic disorders like Down’s Syndrome.
  8. Learning Disabilities

Affiliations :

  • Member IAP
  • Member GDBPCON
  • Member NCDP
  • Member IDPA


  • Antenatal workshops focussing on Parental preparedness.
  • Parents workshops
  • Teacher Workshops in early identification of developmental delays
  • Adolescent Counselling and interactions in schools.
  • Anti bullying workshops.
  • Community based research.
  • Autism awareness in community.
  • Workshops for parents of children with Down syndrome .
  • Writings blogs and articles in magazine to spread awareness.

Future Plans:

While working for children with special care needs and their families i have experienced that our society and community is not equipped to manage these children and support them and their families which has motivated me to take a step forward by providing guidance and help to our uniquely abled children and their families through multiple center providing coordinated services and reduce disability by focusing on a child’s strengths and building self-esteem through inclusiveness. I dream to have a community which respects equal rights and legitimate Laws to support our special children and their families.

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