Dr. Himani Narula Khanna

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician


Dr. Himani Narula Khanna
Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician
Director and Co-founder Continua Kids

Dr Himani Narula Khanna, developmental Paediatrician, is passionate about helping families of children by enhancing their understanding of the needs and abilities of children with a wide range of developmental disabilitiesShe is a strong advocate for optimizing patient care quality and improving the health system and patient outcomes. Sheassess, diagnose and provide long term management plans for children and adolescents with developmental concerns and disability, in partnership with families and other professionals. She works closely with allied health professionals to provide a fully integrated approach, including speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, and also liaises with preschool and school educators when needed. Dr Himani also manages patients with oppositional behaviours, anger issues, sleep disorders, learning difficulties, language disorders, tics and Tourettes Disorder, anxiety and depression, and a range of other conditions.

Her aims can be shortlisted as ABCDEF (Assuring Better Child Development and Empowering families):

  • to provide an understanding of children’s developmental difficulties and diagnoses and to discuss the implications of these with families
  • to respond to questions raised by parents
  • to provide specialist multidisciplinary assessments
  • to make recommendations for the management of a child’s needs and appropriate intervention
  • to liaise effectively with primary and secondary services to provide a comprehensive written report for families and key professionals
  • Cognitive, psychological and behavioral evaluation of children with complex neurodisability
  • Assessment and diagnosis of social communication disorders (including atypical presentations), ADHD and learning difficulties
  • Neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological assessment of children with inherited metabolic disorder

She is a firm believer that each one of us have a set of strengths, we only need to harness the potential. If the experiences of children support healthy development, they will be more likely to fulfill their potential as adults. Beyond formal training, much of her knowledge and experience has been gained by listening to parents and children. She care deeply for kids with special challenges and for their families who work so hard to guide them to be their very best. She believes that partnering with parents and other professionals to promote successful, resilient kids and inclusive attitudes in schools and communities will benefit us all. She is passionate about her work and has special interest in community-based research to increase knowledge about how best to coordinate services and reduce disability by focusing on a child’s strengths and building self-esteem through inclusiveness. She loves her teenage boy and charming young nieces. All have taught her much about personal qualities that she values.

  Medical Qualifications

Graduation and post-graduation in Pediatrics from MGIMS, Sewagram, Nagpur University.
Post graduate Diploma in developmental Neurology (PGDDN), CDC Trivandrum, and Kerala University.

Specialization and expertise

She has expertise in managing children with neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism spectrum disorders, Social Communication Disorder,  ADHD , Specific Learning difficulty global developmental delays etc.


Member IAP (Indian academy of Pediatrics)

Member IDPA (International developmental Pediatrics association)

Member IAPGDBP (growth development behavioral pediatrics)

Member IAP NCDP (National Chapter Developmental Pediatrics)