Himani Khanna, Co-Founder & Director, Continua Kids, On Women Entrepreneurship

The history of International Women\’s Day dates back to 1908, when some 15,000 women marched on New York City in the name of better working hours, fairer pay, and the right to vote. Three years later in 1911, the first official IWD was celebrated throughout Europe as more than a million women walked challenging stereotypes for their right and equality.

Here is our small interview with Himani Khanna, Co-Founder & Director at Continua Kids.

ST – Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur? If not entrepreneurship, then what?

Himani Khanna – It was a very conscious decision and proud to be calling myself as docpreneur as the stage had arrived where I was feeling that plateau has been achieved in terms of providing care to the society. One becomes a doctor because of the nobility associated with the profession but personally speaking, I have started feeling an entrepreneur can do much more if one is willing in terms of providing help to the society. I shall give you an example.

Source: https://startuptalky.com/himani-khanna-women-entrepreneurship/