Continua Kids - creche, daycare or nursery is a childcare center where toddlers, babies, and young children care
for in a safe and stimulating encompassing.
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Preschool Options for a Child with Autism

What is a crèche or daycare center?

A crèche, daycare or nursery is a childcare center where toddlers, babies, and young children care for in a safe and stimulating encompassing.

Crèches mainly cater to the children of parents with full-time or part-time jobs. With the rise in the number of nuclear families and working parents, crèches and daycare centers are being used by several parents.

Are crèches and daycare centers safe and trustworthy?

It’s your responsibility to estimate how good or secure the crèche is.

Many crèches lack the basic infrastructure and services needed to facilitate good childcare so do make sure you look out for the best which suits your needs and requirements.

How does CONTINUA serve the purpose?

We at CONTINUA considers our kids as supreme; they are our patrons. We in all our decisions are guided by feedback from parents. We not only empathize with them but try to fill the gap in the society. We felt that this was the need of the parents so decided to open a place where kids can be engaged in various activities, learn new things and enjoy.

How is CONTINUA different from others?

We do have specialized staff looking after the kids with special needs, different books, and toys, various activities planned for the month which focuses on learning and enjoyment. CONTINUA customize learning and actions according to your child's unique needs. We do one-on-one interaction and learning with your child.

Daily Creche Activities

What will my child do in the crèche?

There'll be plenty of opportunities for your child to play and develop herself. Like conventional crèches, crèches also concentrate on development. Learning through play is now a valued concept.

Physical growth actions. Many crèches will have outside activity places where your kid can play outdoor games. Depending upon the time of your child, your child may play running and grabbing games, hide- and-seek-games and other similar games that have physical pursuits.

Social activities. The largest benefit of the daycare center is that the children are going to have the ability to play with other kids.

Creative activities. Children will be made to paint, listen to stories, play music and be creative. They would like free play, in which the children can choose what they would like to perform. This way, your child’s creativity gets engaged.

A crèche ought to be a place where your child is secure and happy while she’s away from her house and set up. It should bring about your child’s psychological, social and physical development. Look around and do your own homework nicely, so it is possible to find one that’s perfect for your child.

If you are apprehensive about leaving your kid in a crèche, then remember that you are not alone. It may be taxing and occasionally even heartbreaking to leave your little one with complete strangers in a completely new environment.

As a parent who needs to work, CONTINUA Kids is a terrific resource to ensure your child receives the appropriate care and love while you go to work.

While many Special needs children are high-functioning and may try in a regular daycare center, parents of special needs children will need to know about the difference between a couple of daycares and also a special needs daycare. Understanding the difference will make it possible for you as a parent to ascertain best which daycare is the best fit for the child.

A standard Daycare is run by childcare professionals and usually sticks to a routine that incorporates playtime, mealtime, and studying time. While many childcare professionals at these organizations are educated and loving in the child, they may not be experienced or licensed to correctly take care of a child with special needs. The childcare professionals may not understand how to deal with behavioral issues.

Many families find out about their child's autism while he or she enters preschool. Up until then, their child may have appeared quiet, quirky, or sensitive -- just a bit different. In preschool, though, other issues emerge. The child with autism might have a far tougher time than other kids with new schedules, social participation, pretend play, and language use. And while parents may have unconsciously adapted to their kid’s gaps, preschool teachers anticipate that kids will adapt to new surroundings. We at CONTINUA understand their needs and work accordingly.


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