Reopening Of School: Should We Or Should We Not?

To “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown was announced in March 2020, with closure of schools, workplaces, sports, amusement parks, restaurants, and shops. Since then 7 months have passed, and the government is now insisting on reopening of school to normalise the situation, inspite of rising number of cases. We now have enough evidence/reports of the deteriorating mental, social and emotional health of children as a result of the pandemic. The lack of social interaction with friends, time to play, and exercise made available at school is contributory to mental health challenges. The lack of in-person schooling and reliance on technology for learning is thought to be causing learning deficits especially in poor and non affording communities where access to sufficient computer technology and reliable internet is a problem. There have also been reports of increased child abuse during the pandemic, especially when there is financial/job loss, presence of special needs child or mental disorder in the family. Children are reported to have trouble sleeping or are sleeping more or have been displaying depressive symptoms.


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