Signs of Acute Stress disorder due to Corona Virus Outbreak

In this times of COVID-19 spread  almost the whole world is terrified and is following stringent measures to control the spread infection, but it has been observed that  many people are reporting acute stress due to the overwhelming information they have. Some of the people are finding it difficult to cope with the same stress. Children, adolescents, women and people of all age group can experience symptoms of stress.

People who experience or witness a life threatening, terrifying or traumatic event may experience acute stress symptoms or acute stress disorder. In todays times of the Corona virus threat people from various sectors like  health care professionals and other support staff who is out there in open performing their duties can experience, someone infected  with the virus may panic, for people who are quarantined are at risk. Due to the availability of enormous load of information from around the world even people who are at home in the LOCKDOWN are also experiencing panic and may develop these symptoms of stress.

An individual may experience nightmares ,feel dissociated, unable to feel positive emotions, anxiety , sleep disturbance, irritability, finding it difficult to concentrate. At times  an individual may experience  some physical signs like , increased heart rate, sweating , nausea, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, headache, stomach pain etc.Women and people with some underlying psychiatric condition are more likely to experience these symptoms .

If someone experiences any of the above stated symptoms than they must seek help from a health care professionals as self-diagnosis cannot be made, it needs a details personal history  , physical examination and the healthcare professionals use standardized diagnostic criteria’s to make the diagnosis .

How to prevent this acute stressful state  ?

Take Breaks from  watching Tv, reading or listening to the news especially on the social media. Listening about the pandemic repeatedly can be distressing

Follow a Healthy routine :

Eat Healthy, get good sleep, avoid indulging in alcohol, smoking, eat healthy and exercise regularly. May do some relaxation and meditation exercises .

Take out Time To unwind :  Persuade your hobbies, talk to friends and facility .

Important  to know here is if you continue to feel stressed or experience the above stated symptoms and  they come in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row, Call your healthcare provider.