Stay Home Stay Healthy

This is a time of global crisis where the whole world is under the attack of COVID-19.
We all as the citizens of our country are fully supporting the decision of our Prime minister to lock down the whole country for 3 weeks to safeguard us and our families from corona virus. While we all are practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we are keeping away from our routines by staying at home, some of us are missing at are gym or fitness classes, some are missing the social gatherings like being with friends, being at parks ,offices, movies etc. In these times of complete lockdown I shall suggest some tips for all of us to stay physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy for the next 3 weeks:
1) Get up Early: Because early to bed and early to rise stills stays the mantra for good health. Enjoy the sunrise and plan your day. For those who like to follow some exercise routine can start exercising early in the morning as it will charge you up for a good start of your day. In case you are working from home, you can fix your
working hours for maximum productivity.
2) Balanced Diet: Eat healthy and don’t indulge in junk food as you have ample of time to cook for yourself and you can enjoy freshly cooked and ‘satvik’ food for your meals. Along with a healthy and balanced diet, keeping ourselves well hydrated is important, warm liquids are preferred.
3) Stay happy: While we stay physically healthy its important to keep ourselves mentally happy and healthy also. These 21 days of lockdown are the time of life when we can attempt things that we have missed out the most, be it drawing, painting, handicraft, practicing a hobby, playing board games with children, and spending time with our families. We can steel maximum happy hours in these days.
4) Schedule Worry Breaks: By constantly watching news all day some people are landing into panic attacks and major anxiety issues, to combat this, we can restrict the duration of watching news channels or watching videos on social media. One of the simple strategies to conquer the habit of worrying is to schedule times to worry-“worry breaks”. I shall recommend that you schedule fixed times to worry, during this time, you may wallow in your problems and brood over your difficulties, but after this period ends, you must train yourself to leave your troubles behind and do something productive.
5) Lastly do not forget to abide by the prevention guidelines as stated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. I would like to end with a positive note by Leo Tolstoy -there is only one time that is important and that time is the present. The most necessary people are those with whom we are dealing with in the present and the most important affair is to do good to them as that is the purpose alone for which man is sent to life.