what is aba therapy for autism

What is ABA Therapy for Autism? Why choose it?

ABA, also known as applied behavioral analyses, is done to help children with the autistic spectrum. To increase their positive behavior and to keep in control of the behaviors that are harmful.
ABA therapy is helpful in developing and enhancing communication skills, improving attention and focus, and decreasing problematic behaviors.
ABA being flexible therapy can mold itself into the requirements of each and caters to the development of every being according to the help they need.

Why to choose ABA Therapy for your child

Positive reinforcement is an integral part of ABA therapy, where the individual gets applauded or rewarded for good behavior. When such an attitude is executed by the children, and they are appreciated for it, this gives them an enthusiastic boost to carry forward the same positive behavior over and over again.
Children with the autistic spectrum find help through this therapy to develop various sectors such as communication skills, social skills, motor skills, self-help, learning, and academic skills.
Each of the skills is reached by the therapist one by one by taking gradual steps and working with autistic spectrum children. The progress made is monitored on an ongoing basis.
Various techniques and processes are brought into use for ABA therapy. Parents and guardians are given the training to help their children go through this phase.
Children with the autistic spectrum develop each day for the betterment and every passing day only makes this procedure more helpful in every respect. Therapists tailor the treatment in a way that fits the child well, and he can get the maximum benefit out of it. ABA is an evidence-based treatment that ensures your child’s development.

Types of ABA strategies

The techniques used in ABA strategies are:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Negative Reinforcement
  • Prompting and Fading
  • Task Analysis
  • Generalization
  • Behavior Contracts
  • Video Modeling
  • Picture Exchange Communications Teaching
  • Errorless Teaching
  • Peer-Mediated Social Skills Training

Why to choose ABA Therapy for your child

Who benefits the most from ABA therapy?

This is related mainly to autism spectrum disorder children. People facing such conditions benefit the most. Out of this therapy, ABA therapy helps build up social skills for children with an autism spectrum disorder. Other people who can benefit from this therapy are children with attention deficit hyperactivity, impulsive behaviors, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and children with posttraumatic stress disorders. ABA therapy has also been helpful in depression, withdrawal symptoms, sadness, bipolar disorder, etc. To access the ultimate benefits of this therapy, it is mandatory that you visit a doctor and understand the root working of this treatment to know how it will be beneficial for you.

Benefits and drawbacks of ABA

The benefits of ABA include:

Researchers play in proving that ABA is an effective treatment
This field houses top-notched professionals who go through extensive training and have expertise in treating with ABA skilfully
The therapy involves tailoring the treatment plans for each case.

Why to choose ABA Therapy for your child?

The drawbacks of ABA Therapy are:

Since it requires a lot of expertise in this field, it is not very easy to find doctors. Dr. Himani Narula and Dr. Puja Kapoor are a few of the best autism specialists in Gurgaon. They are well versed in this subject and offer the best treatment for all individuals alike.
ABA treatment needs to continue until the results have not yet been reached. Many times places offering this treatment do not continue the services, and only a portion of the entire treatment is received by the patients. The cost is another such problem that might be counted as another con when discussing ABA therapy.
Regardless of a few of its cons, it cannot be concealed that ABA therapy is the gold standard treatment in the field to treat children with an autism spectrum disorder.
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