Continua Kids

CONTINUA Kids is a research directed, holistic centre, imparting medically supervised therapies, early intervention programs, and support for uniquely abled children.

Why Continua Kids

We, at CONTINUA KIDS recognize the parent’s dilemma to understand the psychological and physiological needs of their uniquely abled child. We are not just an exclusive therapeutic center but we believe in imparting knowledge and empowering the parents about the treatment modalities and prognosis of the disease. Children at CONTINUA KIDS get involved with various modes of treatment, including music therapy, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy, aquatic therapy, arts therapy, yoga therapy, and sports therapy, apart from the usual physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The center is supervised by doctors , developmental Pediatrician and Pediatric neurologist who plan and follow up each and every child undergoing treatment at the center.The parents are counseled from time-to-time about the status of their child and plan of management. Children are closely monitored to gauge the improvement and enable them to learn and grow.

Our Doctors

Professionals with a passion for care/The skills to treat, the heart to care.

Dr Puja Grover Kapoor

M.B.B.S. | D.N.B.(Pediatrics) | Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology (Mumbai) Fellowship in Electrophysiology (Cleveland, U.S.A.) She deals with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Hyperactivity, Epilepsy, Metabolic diseases, Genetic disease.​

Dr Himani Narula Khanna​
Developmental Pediatrician

Preventive care expert. NRP ( Neonatal resuscitation Programme) Instructor. Dr Himani Khanna is an Haryana Medical Council registered medical Practitioner. Member Indian Academy Of Paediatrics​

Devanshi Sharma Narang
Clinical Psychologist

M.Sc./P.G.D.M Psychology, (Essex University, United Kingdom) M.A. Clinical Psychology M.Sc. Counselling Psychology and Family Therapy M.Phil-Clinical Psychology (Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, RCI Approved)​


CONTINUA Kids is unique in its own way as it provides all the scientifically proven, individualized therapies which are required for special children under one roof.

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Continua Kids brings you the opportunity to understand your kids better and help them play, learn and grow with their uniqueness. We know your woes of balancing the little one on your own. So, here we are to lend a helping hand

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@ Dr Himani Maam, More than a good doctor, I have the fact that you were a good listener. We are obliged to you for your effective analysis and diagnosis for our son "Sri**n". First of all, it has eased us from the negative thoughts we had and clarified a lot of doubts. In addition to this it has helped us in taking a focused approach towards the treatment. I am also thankful to almighty that I have been recommended to Continua Kids on time. We got all suggestions and support to make the course correction which was necessary for my son.
Pe*li & Sw**up Pan**rahi