ABA Therapy

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Applied Behaviour Analysis- ABA Therapy

Differently-abled children require various behavioral and educational interventions to interact, learn, and perform at age-appropriate levels. ABA, or Applied Behaviour Analysis, is one of those scientifically proven treatments that can help modify behavior through reinforcement strategies.

‘Behavior’ refers to the actions and skills that one can perform, and ‘behavior analysis’ refers to understanding behavior and how the surroundings affect it. It includes physical or social influences that can change or are changed by one’s behavior.

Principles of ABA Therapy

When a child develops a particular type of behavior, it is the consequence or reaction from several recurring incidents that the child faces daily. These are the antecedents. The ABA therapist will recognize them and analyze how they impact the child’s behavior. They will design a program to condition the child’s behavior based on the acquired data.

  • Therapies utilized are physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
  • Surgical interventions may be required to correct anatomical abnormalities or to release tight muscles.
  • Consequently, we will use orthopedic devices like braces to support the child fro mobilization.
  • Medications can be used for controlling symptoms like seizures.

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These are the two pillars of ABA Therapy.



All of us have some traits of autism. when they become much more rigid and affect our daily life, it’s considered a disease. The objective of treatment is to reduce the impact of illness so that it doesn’t affect our daily living. All the therapies which are being provided at Continua kids are scientific evidence based and clinically proven to produce results so as to provide maximum benefit.

According to the findings of Lovaas, 90% of the children benefited from ABA Therapy. Some children normally functioned like their peers(9 out of 19). So the success rate of ABA Therapy is high.

If your child has a condition, it is advisable to start as early as possible. ABA therapy works for both children and adults. However, the best age to start will be 1.4-6 years.

ABA Therapy duration depends on the severity of the condition. It can range from 2 to 5 hours per day. The standard requirement is 40 hours per week.

ABA Therapy starts showing results within a few months. Since every child has unique capabilities, it may take up to a few years.