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Art therapy continua kids is a holistic center providing medically supervised therapies, early intervention programs and support for children with unique needs.

Occupational Therapy for Special Needs Children

Specially abled children or children with neurodevelopmental disorders often struggle with daily activities like getting dressed, playing, walking, recognising, communicating or responding. Many are also sensitive towards certain sounds. Connecting to the real world is challenging for them.

Occupational therapy addresses these issues and helps the child develop their fine motor abilities, basic life skills, cognitive abilities, and good behaviour. The term ‘Occupation’ denotes the everyday tasks that people do to lead their lives. Here it relates to the activities and behaviour expected from a child.

Key Areas Occupational Therapy Focuses On:

Motor Skills Development (Both fine and gross)

  • Sensory Processing Skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Perception
  • Arousal and Attention Re-orientation
  • Self-care skills
  • Behaviour Management

How does Occupational Therapy help?

By focusing on the key areas, an Occupational Therapist helps the child achieve self-sufficiency in all aspects of their lives. The child also gains self-confidence and a sense of achievement.

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Some benefits of Occupational Therapy are:


Occupational Therapy At Continua Kids

Our treatment modality varies with the child’s needs. We create a sensory checklist for all the children to understand the abnormality levels in their sense organs. Sensory processing difficulties are common in autistic kids. That is why we apply occupational therapy for autism treatment.

We assign exercises and tasks based on the results and determine their difficulty level. We will observe how your child performs certain activities compared with other kids in the same age group.

Accordingly, we plan a sensory profile or sensory diet for your child. A sensory diet is a structured, personalised schedule of sensory activities for a child to help them manage their daily activities. It enables the proper functioning of sensory receptors to perform more rationally over time.

At Continua Kids, the best Occupational Therapy Centre in Delhi & Noida you will meet the best occupational therapist. Our therapists have immense compassion and deeply understand how to interact and work with children with special needs. We believe in early intervention for your child’s better future.

Not sure if your child requires Occupational Therapy? Let’s have a word. After careful assessment, our expert team will help you learn more about your child’s condition.


Early intervention in occupational therapy refers to a set of services and programs for children aged up to three years who have or are likely to develop disabilities and require support to lead a normal life.

While both therapies focus on motor skills, occupational therapy focuses on smaller muscle groups and improves engagement quality in an individual’s daily tasks. A physiotherapist works with large muscle groups to improve the quality of movement in the human body.

It may involve activities like drawing shapes, colour classification, simple puzzles, balancing objects and other games. In some cases, the therapist may support the child with special equipment like a wheelchair, communication aids, splints etc.

There is no definite time range for the requirement of OT as it varies with symptoms severity and how quickly the child is developing the skills.

When dealing with Specially-abled kids, Occupational Therapy alone may not show much improvement. It is often team