Special Education

Art therapy continua kids is a holistic center providing medically supervised therapies, early intervention programs and support for children with unique needs.

Special Education For Special Needs Children

Specially-abled kids find difficulty catching up with other kids in their school due to developmental delays. Be it about performance in the playground, co-curricular or academics. They need additional assistance, which is provided through special education programs. These are designed according to the child’s needs and mental capacity. These programs are created and executed by educational professionals who have received the requisite training to work with specially-abled kids.

What Can you Expect in Special Education?

Special Education requires a multi-faceted approach. It consists of Individual Education Plans (IEP), which are dynamic in nature. From a broad perspective, the following are the components of special education.


  • Speech Therapy : Autistic children and other special needs children have language problems. Speech therapy is essential for them to interact in the classroom.


  • Occupational Therapy – It is a therapy that essentially helps specially-abled kids develop life skills, cognitive skills and motor skills that helps them accomplish school work and engage in playful activities.


  • Remedial Education – Developmental education, basic skills education, compensatory education, preparatory education, and academic upgrading help students meet expected competencies in foundational knowledge like literacy and numeracy.

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Special Education at Continua Kids

Continua Kids has a team of professionals who specialize in different needs for specially-abled kids like speech, behavior, personality and physical disabilities. They work together for development in all areas. They will analyze, evaluate and design a special education plan for individual kids lining with the other therapies that the child may need.


The program will be filled with practical and theoretical learning activities supporting the mainstream academic syllabus. Educators will follow up regular assessments for modifications in the plan that will better suit the child’s progress.


We also look for parents’ involvement in observing children’s performance and assisting them in carrying through some of the program tasks at home. If you think your child may need special education, come to Continua Kids. We have the best autism doctors and therapists who provide wide-ranging services for the holistic development of children. Everything is integrated into the personalized special education program.


Special education targets children with Dyslexia, ADHD, Muscular Dystrophy, and other developmental issues. Also, children who had late school admissions or specific learning difficulties can benefit from it.

Yes, children need to take admission in schools to complete their formal education. Special education is subsidiary in nature. It is meant to boost the performance of children who are lagging in schools because of disability or other problems.

You can expect a spacious classroom with good lighting and plenty of visually stimulating objects. The seats are comfortable and organized to have a clean appearance.

Toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged kids till 15 can enroll for special education.

Special education is backed by the Indian special education law, Persons with Disabilities Act of 1995. So it is completely legal.