Continua Kids Psychology Internship Module

Continua Kids is a holistic, multidisciplinary child developmental centre which focuses on building resources of trained professionals hence providing a psychology internship program which is led under by a Clinical (MPhil) psychologist, along with a Developmental Pediatrician and a Pediatric Neurologist.

Duration of Internship:

Duration of exposure is flexible–but the minimum recommended is 30 days / 4 weeks/ 180 hours/ 60days or 8weeks/240 hours.


This program is ideally meant to give a brief exposure to students of psychology about their prospective future career in mental health however we do actively consider undergraduate students for this program as well. Continua kids usually do not encourage more than 12 to 15 students per batch and the fees effective from would be disclosed by the respective authorities on call or in person.

The structure of Internship usually encompasses the following:

  1. Detail round of clinical/professional set up and introduction to the spectrum of services being offered in the field of mental health and allied services
  2. Circulation of the following document on the day of their joining.
    • Log sheet
    • Assignment / evaluation sheet information about daily attendance
    • Assignment / evaluation sheet information about daily attendance
  3. Assignment / evaluation sheet information about daily attendance
    • Three weekdays in a week
    • Three weekdays in a week
  4. Three weekdays in a weekWorkshops up to three complementary one day workshop in areas as diverse as Child and adolescent
    mental Health, counselling skills, and public health initiatives
  5. Orientation and demonstration of widely used psychological tools for assessment:
    • Intelligence test Personality tests
    • Projective test
    • Various rating scales
  6. Specialised postings and core clinical exposure

    OPD (child and adolescent psychology, Developmental Pediatrics, Pediatric neurology). Observation of various other interventions like Occupational Therapy, Applied behavior analysis based intervention, Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Special education and behavioral interventions.

  7. Additional resources to be shared with the students would include relevant multimedia and documentaries, E-Books and library facilities.

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@ Dr Himani Maam, More than a good doctor, I have the fact that you were a good listener. We are obliged to you for your effective analysis and diagnosis for our son “Sri**n”. First of all, it has eased us from the negative thoughts we had and clarified a lot of doubts. In addition to this it has helped us in taking a focused approach towards the treatment. I am also thankful to almighty that I have been recommended to Continua Kids on time. We got all suggestions and support to make the course correction which was necessary for my son.

Pe*li & Sw**up Pan**rahi