Workshop on developmental milestones at Medham preschool by Dr. Puja Kapoor, pediatric neurologist

Dr. Puja Kapoor, pediatric neurologist, conducted an interactive workshop on developmental milestones at Medham preschool , Dlf phase V.  It was well received tips with enthusiastic parents.

Excerpts of the session was :

The milestones are divided into :

1. Gross Motor Development 

 2. Fine Motor Development 

 3. Social  and Language  

4. Vision & Hearing

 At 1 month: Fixates at mothers face 

 3-4 months: Fixates at objects 

 4 months: Binocular vision established 

 6 months: Adjusts position to follow object 

 1 year: Follows rapidly moving objects

Newborn: Responds to sound 3-4 months: Turn head towards source 10 months: Looks diagonally

1 month Alerts to sound 3 months Coos (musical vowel sound) 4 months Laughs aloud 6 months Monosyllables (ba,da,pa) ah-goo 9 months Bisyllables


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