What is High Functioning Autism?

What is High Functioning Autism?What is High Functioning Autism?
High functioning autism refers to an informal term that is used to signify children with an autism spectrum disorder. This particular category of autistic people are well accomplished and can dutifully function the daily activities and live an independent life.


The challenges of living with high functioning autism

For people with autism spectrum disorder, even in this condition, such people are not very welcoming to social interactions and try to remain at hands out the distance from any gatherings. They may still have difficulty in making friends, understanding social cues, or responding in a more social manner when it comes to handling people around them. Maintaining eye contact, inability to continue long talks are some of the problems that there might face while conversing with anyone or being in a crowd.

High-functioning autistic people are very methodical and follow a pattern or order. People often may pick these habits to be unnatural and absurd, which is a common feature in autism, I.e., them having repetitive and restrictive behavior.

In terms of school life, they can be divided into two extreme categories, either brilliant in their study or on the other hand not being able to concentrate at all.

What is the cause of it?

Researchers and doctors have not been yet able to find the real cause behind the onset of high functioning autism. Neither are genes to be blamed for it nor is the environment; however, few predict that the interaction between the genes and the environment may be a combined cause for people to develop high functioning autism. One of the examples can be when a genetic mutation becomes a risk factor when the same person is exposed to an infection or certain toxic substances.


Diagnosing high functioning autism

No lab work can decide or detect the presence of autism in anyone. Only after noticing the signs and symptoms of a person can the doctor order a few tests to rule out the other conditions that may be possible.

The diagnostic procedure starts with the undertaking of the entire medical history of the patient and then going through the signs and symptoms that he is showing. The person should fulfill a few of the diagnostic criteria so as to qualify for the diagnosis.

Having anyone or two signs and symptoms may not be indicative that he or she has autism spectrum disorder; this needs to be looked down at a deeper level by the doctor, even for someone who shows pronounced behaviors.

Treatment for high functioning autism

Autism is not a curable disease, but the person undergoing it can manage his symptoms so as to live a better life. Early interventions with this condition may be helpful in cases of children so that they can develop better emotional awareness, language skills, and other cognitive-behavioral attitudes.

Parents and guardians should make themselves as well as their children involved in the applied behavioral analysis to make both their lives easier. In a few cases, medications may also bring about some relief. 


Management along with a proper treatment plan is essential for high functioning autistic people so that they can live a lifestyle independently and do the best in their capabilities. Both parents, guardians, and helpers should be in the move and help in this procedure. It is essential that such children are taken to therapy on a regular basis, and immense care is given to them. Doctors who understand their conditions and workout plans prove to be beneficial for autistic spectrum children and hold an epitome of importance in making their life easier.

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