2020 In Review: Industry Reactions

The year 2020 dubiously suffered it all – rising quick, falling quick, tweaking or rotating to endure, revaluating business. This year has seen an unusual measure of disruption in each sector.

COVID-19 hit nearly every strand of the global economy. Many industries from tourism to startups, traditional businesses etc. are reshuffling their strategies to adjust to the new normal.  The Covid-19 pandemic has stunned businesses across the world like never before.

The pandemic has transformative impacts on many businesses. Despite all the challenges due to the situation, many people have jumped into startups.  Still, many are looking for a better opportunity to survive in the industry. Let us look at how the industry is shaping up in a post COVID world.

Source: http://www.businessworld.in/article/2020-In-Review-Industry-Reactions/30-12-2020-359805/