Learning Disability : Discussion by Dr. Puja Kapoor

In an endeavour to spread awareness about Learning Difficulties, Dr. Puja Kapoor, Director and Cofounder, CONTINUA KIDS delivered a lecture on the same. The session was an interactive one where “poor scholastic performance” was discussed in detail.

Excerpts from the discussion were :

Learning Disorders (LD) are neurologically-based processing problems

 They can be Identified via psychological/educational testing by a psychologist. The outcome can be improved with specific interventions by a special educator. They can exist in isolation or combination with other neurological disorders like autism, cerebral palsy etc.

Learning Problems DON’T  involve  :

  1. impairment in areas of hearing, vision and motor function.

  2. Emotional disturbances

 3. Cultural, economic, or environmental disadvantage

 4.  Intellectual disabilities

 Learning Disorders (LD) can  interfere with :

• Acquisition of skills: reading, written expression, oral expression, or mathematics.

• Executive skills such as organization, time management, planning, attention, memory, analysis skills

• Can affect social interaction and relationships with others

Common Terms Used with  LD are :     

DYSLEXIA – Reading      

DYSGRAPHIA – Writing     

DYSCALCULIA –Mathematics    

PROCESSING DISORDERS- Language , Auditory and Visual

Symptoms are

 •  Slow reading, lacking fluency which can affect comprehension of material

 •  Poor spelling skills, lack of recognition of patterns of words (i.e. like, mile, sale)

 •  Pronounce a word many different ways within the same reading passage Substitute one word for another (for/of, were/where,are/and, was/saw)

•  May struggle with the ‘vocabulary’ of math and understanding word problems

•  May have difficulty recalling words for both oral and written expression

•  Often attempt to hide their struggles

•  Self esteem may be very low.

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