On the eve of Autism month

On the eve of Autism month, CONTINUA KIDS invited some of the resourceful personalities of the society, to have tete a tete with the parents of neuroatypical children. It was a heartening discussion leading to some fruitful conclusions. The guests invited were Mr. Kuldeep Yadav councillor ward 29 , Mr. Rakesh Yadav councillor ward 26  Nagar Nigam Gurugram, Ms. Rama Pandey, Film Director, Dr. Ajay Karkare, president,IAP Gurgaon Hoping for better future for special needs children.

Dr. Puja Grover Kapoor, director & co-founder CONTINUA Kids, Consultant pediatric neurologist,introduced the children with special needs to the guests and initiated the talk between  them. The parents talked about the daily struggles and concerns which they face to deal with their special needs children. They were more concerned about what will happen with their children after them. who will take care of them, how would they survive. These genuine concerns of the special needs parents were discussed and plans were laid to tackle the concerns.

It was a small step by CONTINUA kids to give an insight of special needs concerns to the society.  

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