Sensory Integration Therapy for Hypersensitivity to touch

Signs of Tactile hypersensitivity to touch

    • Becomes fearful , anxious with light or unexpected touch
    • Dislikes hair being brushed
    • Bothered by rough sheets / rough textures or material
    • Dislikes kisses
    • Resists affectionate touch
    • Dislikes cutting nails, haircut
    • Refuses to wear socks and shoes
    • Refuses to walk bare foot on sand or grass

Sensory Integration Therapy for Hypersensitivity to touch

Firm pressure and brushing protocol with soft brush over arms, legs, back with soft brush followed by joint compression helps Allow your child to shop for the shoes and clothes of their choice Can plan a messy play at home like with shaving foam, kidney beans ( Rajma) , play dough , ginger paints, sand , glue, dry rice Wearing cotton or lycra clothes under regular clothing may have calming effect. while all these activities are attempted gradually increase the time it is tolerated .

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