World Autism Awareness Day 2 April

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World Autism Awareness Day 2 April – National Autism Awareness Month

2nd of April every year is internationally celebrated as World Autism awareness day. This day was designated by the United Nations general assembly to raise awareness and increase acceptance about individuals with autism spectrum disorder. From there on people wear blue, building and important monuments are turned blue on World autism awareness day to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorders.

Being one of the commonest neurodevelopmental disorder it is important that people are aware about the symptoms and signs of Autism spectrum disorders, so as to detect and diagnose them early. Early diagnosis and early intervention in research has been proven to show better long term outcomes. World autism awareness day must be celebrated every year so as to promote a community more accepting and understanding towards individuals with autism. Let’s raise our voice and make a huge noise and accept the individuals with autism spectrum disorders as different, not better or worse – Just Different. This would be our first step towards accepting the person and not the label. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders are there to make a difference in the world because to make a difference you have to be different. Autism did not stop Einstein, Mozart, Newton and Temple Grandin from reaching the stars….and it shouldn’t stop any child from reaching the same heights either. Let’s Pledge on this World Autism awareness day to not just create awareness but also to accept, support, respect and include individuals with autism spectrum disorders.


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